Local hero

Nominations for the Local Hero category are put forward solely by members of the public.

The category is a way of saying thank you to a council worker who has exceeded your expectations, gone out of their way to help or simply brought a smile to your face.

Who can be nominated for the Local Hero category?

The nominees in this category are put forward specifically by members of the public, who do not work for the council themselves but have an inspiring story to tell about a member of staff who has provided them with an excellent service, significantly improving the life or circumstances of the nominator.

Nominated members of staff can work in any department of the council. They may be a helpful telephone adviser, a friendly librarian, a conscientious park keeper, a favourite carer, a hospitable housing officer or a star teacher.

The nominee may have ‘saved the day’ by helping you out of a difficult situation, given a consistently high standard of service over a long period of time or just put a smile on your face and made your day.

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