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2016 Categories

Rewarding Excellence

The Chamberlain Awards is about rewarding excellence in the workplace, about acknowledging outstanding achievements and saying a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for those who may have faced adversity, but have tackled challenges to help keep the cogs and wheels of the organisation turning through a very challenging time.

You may be office based, work out in the community, have a customer facing role or a back office job – wherever you work, your achievements and stellar performance can all be recognised through the Chamberlains.

To help you generate ideas for nominations we have a set of general criteria – these cut across all categories and are for you to use as inspiration alongside the specific category criteria when you are putting together your supporting information.


Chamberlain Award Categories 

Last year we reviewed our award categories and the criteria we use to judge them so they better reflect the Council’s values and behaviours. 

We are continuing to use these new categories and criteria to recognise and celebrate the positive examples of BCC colleagues who go the extra mile in ensuring that the people of Birmingham recieve quality services.


The Categories for 2016 are:


  • Collaboration & Partnership

  • Communities & Inclusion

  • Outstanding Customer Focus

  • Leadership

  • BCC Employee/ Team of the Year

  • Local Hero

All the categories (except Employee and team of the Year) are open to either teams or individuals.


Judging Criteria

Along with our category refresh for 2015, we also looked at our judging criteria.  We introduced a new set of criteria that all nominations, regardless of their category will be judged against.  We are continuing to use these criteria this year

The criteria are:

  1. We are all working to one goal, to put residents first, every day. Please show how your project is delivering the council’s priorities.
  1. Please explain how your nomination reflects the Council’s values:
    • Putting citizens first – working with council partners, colleagues and citizens to influence the best outcomes
    • Acting courageously – we all need to lead, manage and tackle the difficult issues every day
    • Being true to our word – making promises, then keeping them
    • Striving for excellence – individually and collectively
  1. The Chamberlain Awards celebrates innovation. Please explain how your work challenges conventions to achieve better results or creates solutions to improve the performance of your service. This may be in terms of saving money, producing better outcomes for citizens, simplifying a process or doing things differently using technology or latest thinking.
  1. How successful was the work undertaken? Please focus on the measurable outcomes and provide clear evidence of the impact that the work has made on the service area, to local residents or on improving relationships with external partners/organisations.