Celebrating 10 years

Named after Joseph Chamberlain, one of Birmingham’s most respected civic leaders, the Chamberlain Awards scheme is designed to recognise Birmingham City Council (BCC) employees who go the extra mile to ensure that the people of Birmingham receive quality services.

The Chamberlain Awards Ceremony 2014 celebrates a decade of excellent work from individuals and teams from right across the council workforce. Every colleague, at every grade, doing every type of job we have, can be nominated for a Chamberlain Award.

These awards continue to shine a spotlight on great work, great ideas, and the passion and enthusiasm of council employees. Even when faced with challenges, our staff continue to put citizens at the heart of services, and drive Birmingham to be one of the best places in the UK to build a life.

How the Chamberlain Awards work

The Chamberlain Awards, funded by sponsorship from local and national organisations, supports the organisation’s strategy to have passionate, engaged employees, who are supported to deliver on the council’s vision of prosperity, fairness and democracy for our 1.2 million citizens.

Everyone wants to feel like they have done a good job, and for their hard work to be recognised. Recognition makes us as employees feel more productive, increases our well being as well as having a positive impact on customer service and the profile of the council.

And importantly, a simple thank you is personally rewarding and can make us feel that our contribution is valued. The 18th century French philosopher Voltaire illustrated the importance of this kind of recognition when he wrote: ‘Appreciation is a wonderful thing; it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.’


Get inspired

Over the 10 years of the Chamberlain Awards we’ve covered every directorate and neighbourhood in Birmingham City Council. Read more about just some of the inspirational winners and finalists we’ve met over the years!

Get the inside track

Read the Chamberlains guide to making your nomination stand out from the crowd! We’ve published our top tips for putting together a truly successful nomination – from selecting the most suitable category to writing an unforgettable supporting story.

Get nominating!

Now you’ve got a top quality nomination, it’s never been easier to send it in to the Chamberlain Awards team – whether you want to print and post, email or submit online we’ve covered every base. So just click below to send us the inspiring story of your Chamberlain Star!